This economical, safe product delivery system uses stepper servo technology to receive randomly presented products from baggers, pouchers and flow wrappers to synchronize product delivery to high speed cartoning machines. With a maximum packing rate of 120 PPM (single) to 80 twin packs per minute (depending on product size), the PSST/120 is the intelligent product delivery system that delivers proven results and performance.

The PSST/120 intelligently monitors and phases products on multiple motion controlled staging sections to either a single or dual product transfer module. It handles products between 4″ to 16″ in length and up to 8″ in width and can be configured to synchronize, stage and transfer single or twin pack product formats with precise product speed and position control. When necessary, operators can switch to the optional pass through delivery system for bulk packing or WIP preparation.

Propack’s new PSST/120 features a sanitary stainless steel frame and has an internally illuminated, fully guarded transfer and synchronizing staging section for good visibility and operator safety. This highly efficient module brings a new level of synchronization and on-time and on-demand product delivery to your cartoning line. For more information, please contact us at 905-563-9400 or