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Incredible speed, flexibility, sanitary design, and superior customer support.

Propack Processing & Packaging Systems Inc. is an industry leader in robotics and innovation, manufacturing and supplying high-performance processing and packaging machinery for the global market. With over 25 years of experience, our Propack team also boasts high-level system integration expertise, offering complete solutions and seamless integration for primary and secondary packaging operations.

At Propack, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients to build strong relationships and ensure the best solutions are developed to meet their unique needs.

Packaging Solutions

From carton and tray loaders to row distribution systems, Propack’s automated packaging machinery provides high-speed, reliable and flexible solutions to meet client-specific needs. Our robotic systems handle a variety of applications and packaging styles, and are designed to maximize productivity, uptime and total cost of ownership.

Processing Solutions

Every machine in Propack’s processing line has been developed to meet the highest level of sanitation standards. Specializing in cold bar forming lines, our innovative processing technology ensures excellent quality control, throughput, flexibility and overall high-performance to provide the most efficient process for our clients.

Integrated Solutions

Propack’s team offers comprehensive knowledge of system integration, process design, engineering and overall management. We work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and develop integrated packaging solutions tailored to meet their needs.


Propack’s best-in-class food processing and packaging equipment serves the needs of a variety of industries.





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