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Installing and Supporting Automated Packaging Machinery Since 1996

Propack is a manufacturer and supplier of automated packaging machinery, with a primary focus on high-speed processing and packaging of flow-wrapped products including snack bars, granola bars, nutrition bars, snack cakes and frozen products. Pioneering robotic technologies, the Propack team has been installing and supporting installations since 1996, leading to the invention and development of the world’s fastest collating system, the LJ-Series robotic top loader. Propack has continued the evolutionary development of the LJ-Series of robotic loaders and has acquired a very broad and loyal customer base.

The Automated Packaging Machinery Market Gets a Face Lift

Founder Chris Follows and the Propack team predicted that traditional end-load cartoning equipment would move to top load style cartoning. That change would bring more flexibility to the automated packaging machinery market and allow CPG’s to run trays, cartons or multipacks more easily. Quick changeover was another result of this change, allowing the CPGs to maximize the uptime of their automated packaging machinery systems.

LJ Series Robotic Top Loader Is Introduced to the Automated Packaging Machinery Market

As a result of many years of experience, partnered with the vision of helping CPGs maximize their bottom line, Propack introduced the LJ-Series robotic top loader in 1998. It quickly became the world’s fastest collating system and was a first for the automated packaging machinery market. The LJ-Series robotic loaders have become the go-to solution for pick and place packaging applications. Its speed and versatility makes the LJ-Series the standard that all other automated packaging machinery solutions are compared to.