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End-of-arm tooling to support and enhance your applications.

At Propack, we understand that end-of-arm tooling is critical to the success of automated robotic systems. Our in-house tool shop team is dedicated to designing and developing custom EOAT that meets the specific needs of the food industry.

Whether picking single or multiple products, or loading single or multiple trays, an individual EOAT can be utilized to pack different carton counts through a combination of valving and recipe configurations, reducing the amount of tooling needed to run an application. In fact, proper EOAT will offer a wide range of solutions for common production and business challenges, such as:

  1. Boosting productivity;
  2. Streamlining operational costs;
  3. Reducing damaged product incidents;
  4. Accommodating diverse batch volumes.
As the needs of each industry and application is unique, we offer a range of EOAT options. Our standard line of EOATs consists of a custom lightweight aluminum extrusion and a modular 3D printed carrier system. Other EOATs may be strictly comprised of stainless steel, aluminum, or engineering-grade thermoplastic (3D printed materials), or a combination of all three.

Propack’s EOAT solutions boast countless benefits that include:

  • Quick turn-around times
  • Multiple pick formats
  • Expert design
  • Quality fabrication for longevity