A California based co-packer with versatile production lines, manufacturing virtually any type of bar of the highest quality, required the right equipment to meet the demands of their most exacting customers.

They initially had a production line using manual labor staff to perform the packaging duties. Propack provided an automated packaging line including distribution system, carton former, loader and closer to facilitate handling high volume orders and to accommodate growth. This resulted in a combination of automated production lines and manual labor.

The objectives of automating the packaging line were to reduce labor cost, increase line production volume and speed as well allow for flexibility in handling new packaging carton sizes and formats going forward.

The automated solution to deliver the highest performance for this customer was the Propack LJ-Dual model TRT robotic top loader that accepts products from 2 wrapping legs at rates of 600 bars per minute, 300 per side, and packs them in various size cartons and packing count formats. Propack are utilizing their Patented on edge and flat pack format. This allows bars to be picked on edge and placed into secondary packaging format or the traditional flat pack, picking from the top of the bar. We provided our customer with an integrated packaging line with a carton former and closer as part of the complete solution.

To meet our customer’s requirements, our engineering team worked to design a layout that would optimize floor space and minimize dead space with the ideal footprint for their facility.

The outcome has been a significant increase in production and overall efficiencies. Hand packing bottlenecks were eliminated moving to speeds of up to 600 bars per minute. As a result, and a critical factor, is that the solution allowed the customer to respond to high volume orders, fill orders for their large retail customers and be more competitive in this area.

Producing hundreds of thousands of bars per day, our customer has been very happy with the performance of the equipment and continuous success and growth of their business.

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