Propack are happy to share a great success to be celebrated by all.

We have a long-time American customer who is a leading Cookie Manufacturer in the United States.* They are dedicated to quality and committed to excellence. Currently, they produce numerous varieties and flavors of both company-branded and private label products and have experienced massive growth and success in their business with extensive reach and a diverse customer base.

Recently, Propack provided them new equipment consisting of a robotic case packer accepting product in two streams, at a speed of 80 products per minute per lane. The product size is approximately 10” x 8” x 3”. The machinery, utilizing a Codian two axis robot with Rockwell controls, is picking and placing into our case management system, and is currently running five different formats of cases. Before delivery, we hosted our Customer’s team for a Functional Acceptance Test (F.A.T.).

Propack has a commitment to our customer’s success and our team was well-prepared for the F.A.T. The sequences of testing that were executed demonstrated our equipment running flawlessly, which exceeded our customer’s expectations! We couldn’t have been more pleased to receive their feedback. “This has been one of the best, if not THE best F.A.T. We were very impressed and have no complaints.”

Recognition of Propack’s excellent teamwork resulted in credit being given to our entire team. “Everyone was aware of what needed to be done and worked together, to ensure this was a success. The team’s great attitude stood out and the open communication was appreciated.”

Our Customer’s team of resources included their project manager, and key personnel from their production and maintenance departments. They worked with our team to prove performance, measure results and satisfy all their criteria in a very thorough F.A.T., running through every variety of product sample.

The outcome was a very positive experience that concluded with our customer going home pleased with results beyond their expectations and confident to return to their facility. We are delighted to report the machinery delivery and installation allowed them to increase production and enhance their operation.

*As the food industry can be a competitive space, we respect our customer’s request not to name their company.