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Vision Systems

For products and applications which do not lend themselves to standard collate and load systems, Propack has developed vision aided automated systems incorporating camera technology to inspect, detect and handle products for various loading applications. Whether you are loading a cartoner, over wrapper or even in line inspection in process, we have a solution that can fit your requirement.

Sanitary Design

Propack systems meet and exceed every aspect of the sanitation requirements for the food processing industry.


Innovative and flexible designs ensure specific and unique customer needs can be met.

World Class Support

From our knowledgeable support team to our highly skilled engineers, Propack offers ongoing support both on and off-site.

Your Carton Loader Always Features an ABB Robot

Your Propack carton loader features an ABB picking robot which will handle your product with a smooth and gentle action, keeping it free from damage.  Be assured that your product will be placed precisely into your carton or tray with unmatched accuracy. For years, Propack has been proud to be part of the ABB Robotics Preferred Partner Network. At the end of the day, you can be assured that your carton loader from Propack will provide the ultimate performance for your packaging operation.