Food & Beverage Packaging – The Robotic Movement-Robots lend a hand to packaging solutions.
by LIZ CUNEO, · Editor in Chief

It is no secret that robots and automation are in big demand in the packaging industry, from pick and place applications to robotic palletizing and everywhere in between. The use of vision is on the rise with these systems too. More packagers are placing value on increased efficiency, speed and cost savings. And while you may pay more up front for these systems, the return on investment usually results in a big positive. According to Rick Tallian, consumer industry manager, ABB Robotics (, packagers can see a payback on these systems within a couple of years.

“The cost is important, as most new robotic installations are analyzed from labor savings perspective.”

Tallian went on to say that the advantage of robots in the food and beverage industry is that robot performance is improving, “Our robots are performing more picks per minute, handling multiple products per pick cycle or handling larger products,” he says.

Performance, efficiency and flexibility are just some of the features that make robots such a viable option, but quality dictates just how efficient the new system is.

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