As the robotic industry rapidly advances, our team of engineers remain steadfast in their commitment to developing new, creative, and innovative solutions for the food processing and packaging industry. With this, Propack has designed the new Vision pick-and-place packaging solution that utilizes the latest technology from our robotics partner, ABB.

Built to address the issue of secondary packaging of transparent wrapped products, with the versatility to pack products with shape and size variabilities. The Vision System is automated with camera technology to inspect, detect, and handle various loading applications; to recognize and orient clear pouches and bags to ensure consistent placement for the secondary packaging process.

Additionally, with safety, sanitation and flexibility always at the forefront of our designs, the Vision System is constructed with a stainless-steel frame to meet the highest of sanitary food requirements and can be integrated to load a cartoner or flow wrapper, or for in-line inspection.
Reach out to our team to learn more about how Vision Systems can support and enhance your existing process.